The protection of Intellectual Property is undeniably a pressing issue and has been valued for centuries for the critical role IP plays in driving innovation within our civilizations. Our nation’s current administration has continually driven agendas around this topic, especially as it relates to international relations and the ongoing battle with China. However, while this is certainly an issue that impacts us as a nation, some states are taking the future of intellectual property into their own hands — and a huge part of that comes from driving awareness and understanding this complex yet vital area.

Most recently, a partnership was formed between the Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property and the Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance (GIPA) — with the goal of driving intellectual property education and awareness throughout the Georgia ecosystem. The Michelson Institute exists to address critical gaps in intellectual property education and empower the next generation of inventors through relevant, instructional content. Why the investment in Georgia? Taking a look at the national ranking of states within the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the state ranks 10th when it comes to actual patents awarded.

Activation of this partnership has already begun — and is taking the concepts related to Intellectual Property and seeding them early through academic curriculum — beginning with the patent filers of the future: The Georgia K-12 school system. Through enriching academic curriculum and educational programs, Michelson IP is opening their floodgates to GIPA, creating access to their extensive catalog of resources — all of which were created with the goal of enhancing IP education. Working together to bring these assets into the K-12 curriculum will fuel their common objective to spur innovation and entrepreneurship for the long term.

“GIPA is excited to work with Michelson IP, an organization that is equally committed to the important work of promoting intellectual property awareness through education,” said Scott Frank, president and CEO of AT&T Intellectual Property, and GIPA Chair. “We look forward to identifying and supporting Georgia schools and educational programs that can use our resources to train the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

This new partnership helps push Georgia Intellectual Property’s mission to advance society forward, and the collaboration between the Michelson Institute and the GIPA will strengthen leadership, resources and advocacy at all levels of the state’s ecosystem. In Georgia, where IP industries generate 38.2% of total U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), (equating to more than $6 trillion annually), this partnership only positions the state for an even more substantial role within our nation’s intellectual property arena.

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